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What are the Whiteboard Awards?
The Whiteboard Awards are annual fanfiction awards recognizing the best in the House Fox Forum.

How are the winners determined?
By you! The Whiteboard Awards winners are selected through votes from the readers.

Which stories are eligible?
All House stories that have been posted in the Fox Forum are accepted, as long as they fit the categories for which they were nominated, and were finished and posted between December 1, 2008 (last year's date) and December 30, 2009. There is no restriction as to genre, rating, pairing, or length. Please note that works in progress, are only eligible in the Outstanding Work in Progress category.

What counts as a work in progress?
A work in progress is a single story that is continuing, and posted part-by-part. Works in progress are not eligible for awards other than in the Outstanding Work in Progress category. A former work in progress that is complete is to be treated as an ordinary story, and is eligible for awards.

What counts as a series, then?
A series is a number of interconnected stories or vignettes which are each complete in and of themselves. Individual parts of series are eligible for individual awards, but a series as a whole is only eligible in the Outstanding Series category.

And what counts as a drabble?
A drabble is a work of fiction of 400 or fewer words. Drabbles may only be nominated in the Outstanding Drabble category.

How do I nominate a story?
The nomination phase begins on December 10, 2009, and ends on December 28, 2009. You can nominate a story here on this site (using the nominations post or by email(note you can nominate as many stories as you would like)

Can I nominate myself?
No, we ask that readers nominate their favourite stories. You can however ask your readers to nominate you.

Can I nominate something that was nominated last year?
Normally things can only be nominated once. The three exceptions are Original Characters, Works in Progress, and Series. Works in Progress and Series may only be nominated again if new parts have been added, and Original Characters may only be nominated again if new stories have been written that include that character. Rewritten versions of stories can only stand if the original versions did not stand in previous Awards.

Can I nominate a story in more than one category?
There is no limit to how many categories a story can be nominated for, as long as it meets the category requirements.

Can I nominate more than one story in a single category?

How can I remove a story of mine from consideration?
If you'd like the committee to remove a nominated story of yours for any reason, please email us or leave a comment on one of our entries.

In First Round Voting, we can vote up to five times for the same story, right?
Wrong. Only one vote per person per story will be counted.

In First Round Voting, we're supposed to vote for five stories. Can we vote for fewer than five, or does that invalidate our ballots?
You may vote for between one and five stories in each category. Also when voting in the first round you may only vote for one author a maximum of two times in each category.

In Final Voting, do we have to vote in every category, or does that invalidate our ballots?
You may vote in as many or as few categories as you like.

How do you make sure people don't cheat when they vote?

Livejournal records the IP address of each Comment, we will compare these IP addresses to ensure there are no duplicates. People who try to vote more than once will have only their first votes counted (and the committee will know who they are!). So save the committee and yourselves the effort -- don't cheat.

How many awards are given out?
There will be a first, second and third place for each category.

When will we know who won?
Winners will be announced on January 27, 2010, here on The Whiteboard Awards website. Announcements will also be made in the Fox Forum.

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